Shoot with me

First of all; thanks for reading this page! Here you’ll find an overview of how I work and what you can expect from shooting with me.

Location & Timing

I hardly ever shoot outside; I like interior shooting better because of how you can play with the light and because of clutter. It’s much easier to set up a scene when you have a bit of clutter, of which I have plenty. In most cases I’ll shoot from home in Hasselt, Belgium.

Any time of day is fine for me, I don’t have a preferred time of day to shoot. I’m happy to accommodate your schedule when possible, and I like the challenge of working with the light that’s available at that moment.

Styling & Mood boards

I like a bit of chaos, mess, clutter and craziness in my pictures. For me that’s more realistic than picture perfect. Torn clothing, funky accessories – bring them along!

When it comes to posing, I don’t tend to give a lot of direction. For me the most important is that you feel comfortable. I prefer a model that keeps moving instead of static posing – more “expressing and acting” than “posing”.

Generally speaking I don’t work with mood boards. I like to see the person in front of me before deciding how to portray them. The best mood board I can give you is my portfolio.

Pictures & Results

I focus on quality, not on quantity. 3-hour shoots on average result in 12 to 15 finished images but as I like experimenting while shooting, this is not always guaranteed.. Keep in mind that it does take a while before I’m done editing a shoot. I’ll always try to get a first few images to you within a week.

I prioritize editing images for shoots I’m paid for and TFP-shoots. I provide images optimized for online use (don’t forget to credit me) along with high resolution shot for prints for personal use.