BORN:Yes; 17th of February, 1986

I was born into a family of creative people: musicians, painters, sculptors, glass artists and designers. Music was my first creative endeavour: since I was 7 I’ve been playing saxophone and percussion.

A few years later, when I was 12, Santa Claus brought me my very first camera. When collecting the prints of the first pictures I made, I was immediately captivated. I have not stopped hitting the shutter since.

I have taken pictures of many things and subjects, but I like photographing people the most. My work is exclusively in black & white.

For the largest part, I am an auto-didact stuck in a loop of trial and error. I have also followed some master classes and workshops with a few renowned professional photographers, which allowed me quick steps forward.

My first pictures ever on display were those of a ballerina. She walked into my life one day, and never walked back out. We have been married since February 2020.

Laurent Philippe
Portrait by Marianne Valentin.